By Agnes was created in 2021 by Agnes ;). Creating By Agnes has always been a dream of mine. I have always wanted to create something colorful, happy and expressive. By Agnes is made from 100% love and inspiration for life.

By Agnes has its roots in southern Sweden and is handmade by me, Agnes. It was during the pandemic, when I got some extra time, that I really started to get the inspiration to create. In the beginning I did all different kinds of stuff, I did furnitures, I painted, I sew, I was making jewelry and so on… And somewhere in that bubble of creating I started crocheting and I FELL IN LOVE. More specific, I fell in love with crocheting with this type of thick cotton yarn, which made beautiful handmade pieces. So that’s how everything started. Now you know.


Our goal is for you to feel confident, cool and unique when using our bags and hats. We also want your home to feel personally och unique when decorating it with our baskets.

Our goal for By Agnes is for it to be a brand where you know you will always find something, whatever type of occasion or idea you have for your bag, hat or basket.

We want our pieces to make your day sparkle a little bit more, make your party a little more fun and your bad days a little less bad.


Agnes and the By Agnes Team